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The Wine Lovers’ Guide to Vegas


When you mention Las Vegas, what comes to the minds of most people are its popular casinos, world-class shopping centers, and resorts. While all of these are major parts of Las Vegas and what has made the city such an attractive destination to tourists all over the world, we must not forget that Vegas is actually much more than gambling and shopping.

Beyond the gambling, music and shopping sprees available in Las Vegas, there is still another important element that makes Vegas such an attractive destination; WINES.

As a matter of fact, Vegas is home to some of the best wines in the world and it boasts all sorts of wines, including, red, white, rose and all sorts of vintage wines from yesteryears. As a wine lover, this city should be on the list for one of your holiday destinations. When you add the fact that you can enjoy your wine in the company of friends at any one of the beautiful landscapes in Vegas, while also listening to great music, then you would agree with me that there is no better destination for wine lovers than Las Vegas.

Where to Enjoy Wines in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a very large city and you can even lose your way around it if you are not careful. This means there are various spots where you can have a great time in the city. For wine lovers, you are definitely spoilt for options regarding where you can enjoy a drink with friends and family in this amazing city. Out of all these amazing spots, a few of them stand out and would most definitely give you more than your money’s worth every time you visit. In this write-up, we shall be talking about a few of the places where you can visit to enjoy the best drinking experiences in the city of Las Vegas.

• La Cave

Located in Wynn, La Cave has grown over the years to become arguably the best venue for wine lovers in Vegas. This spot offers over 250 different bottles of wines in their menu and it offers a serene atmosphere that is suitable for all kinds of individuals. La Cave offers more than wines by the way as patrons are presented with other side attractions like music, food, and snacks all of which would work together to make the experience much better. Patrons can choose between staying indoors in the ever lively atmosphere or book a table outside to enjoy a romantic evening with dates. Whichever one you choose to go with, La Cave would never disappoint in thrilling you and making you ask for more.

• Aureole

Ever heard of WINE ANGELS? Well, they are angels who bring wines directly to patrons from above. This is real you know. At Aureole, it is fantasy at its peak as you would get to take wines directly from ANGELS (women) who would bring it from above (a four story wine house). That is not all, you get to pick from over 100 bottles of wine in a very secure and serene environment. As always, there is music to go along as well as food and snacks. This destination is very popular for a night date.

• Double Helix

Just like the name, Double Helix offers patrons a double package of wine and whiskey. This venue is especially dedicated to people who love varieties or who comes as a couple with each person having a different choice between wine and whiskey. Double Helix solves this by providing both parties with what they want. At this venue, patrons are also presented with the chance to taste varieties of wines from time to time in order to discover something new. There are also a lot of discounts at selected dates for patrons.

• B&B Ristorante

B&B Ristorante is arguably one of the largest wine houses in Vegas. This venue offers mostly Italian wines which are the best wines in the books of most wine lovers. They boast of approximately 6000 bottles of Italian wines which are mind-blowing. However, this should be the proof you need that this is the place you need to be as a wine lover in Vegas as you would most definitely find something you love here.

Wine Festival Events in Vegas

Las Vegas is home to a lot of wine festival and events that any wine lover would do well to explore. We are going to be listing some of them below.
• Festival Mexico Lindo: This event is free and it is an avenue for wine lovers to drink and chat.
• Las Vegas Food and Wine Festival: This festival is all about wines and food. With over 1000 wine houses taking part yearly, this is an avenue to explore various wines and drinks. To participate, you would need to part with at least $100.
• Las Vegas Wine Dinner: The Vegas wine dinner is a dinner night for wine lovers and enthusiasts. A lot of the top wine houses in the city would be taking part in this event and participation fee starts at $65.
• Women of Wealth Wine Dinner: This is one of the most prestigious wine festivals in Las Vegas. It is an avenue for women to meet, network and discuss over a glass of wine. Participation is actually free and all you need do is register for attendance.
Other important wine festivals in Las Vegas include Sunset Shop and Wine, Summer Sip – A Wine Walk, Las Vegas ‘Highway to Wine’ Tasting Tour, etc.

Wineries in Pahrump and Temecula

For a city with a lot of wine spots, you also can sneak away and take a short drive outside the city. Believe it or not a hidden gem for wine tasting is in Pahrump. Pahrump is home to a couple of wineries that are well known amongst locals. The Pahrump Valley Winery and Sanders Family Winery are great spots to enjoy the outdoors and sip wine with friends. Temecula is known mostly for its wineries and it has continued to dish out great wines in recent years. Some of the best wineries in Temecula include Hart Winery, Thornton Winery, and the world-class Callaway Vineyard and Winery.

The above guide would go a long way in helping anyone find their way to sipping the best wines in the city of Las Vegas as well as helping them in meeting like minds who have a great love for the art of wine tasting.

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