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The Perks And Pleasures Of Moving To Las Vegas


You’ll struggle to find someone really enthusiastic about moving, especially if they have an aversion for change. New friends, schools, homes, associates and fun places to go to? However, all these seems to change when it is about moving to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is a place like no other, a city that inspires the “beast” in you in more ways than one. But what makes it so unique? Is it the gorgeous skyline? Friendly people? Perhaps, the lovely real estate you can pick and choose from? These are perks of living in Las Vegas and that’s even without mentioning entertainment! Moving to Las Vegas represents good value for money. The city totally captures the imagination, leaving you wondering why you didn’t make the decision early enough. So let’s take you through reasons why Las Vegas should be your next home if it isn’t already.

The Unassuming Weather
The weather is a wonderful point to start off things! It’s almost always clear all year long in Las Vegas. No wonder it’s dubbed the city that never sleeps. Yeah, things could get quite hot but that won’t spoil your fun especially with many homes, event centers and other real estate packed with air conditioning. Furthermore, the sun is a valid excuse to go on some outdoor activities (there are many). The fun part begins when the weather cools off at night. You will be spoilt for choices because there’s hardly any activity regulated by time. It’s all 24/7.

Entertainment To Last A Life Time
You will never lack for where to go or things to do in Las Vegas. In fact, it’s just the right place for shows hosting your favourite celebrities. You’ll get some of the perks as a visitor on vacation, but you’ll get all of it as a resident. If loosing most of your chips at the blackjack tables aren’t your thing, there are tons of places you could visit for adrenaline busting adventures. It’s more than recreation too. The vastly popular Grand canyon deserves to be seen and experienced as well as Red Rock or Mount Charleston. That’s why it’s a haven for rock climbers. Again, you’ve seen the canyons on screen but what happens when they are in your backyard? Crazy, right?

Great To Start A Family Or Move With Them
Instead of being a tour guide to your family, why not convince them to move to Vegas and be your neighbor? There is no downside to it really because Las Vegas is a very diverse town. In fact, there’s so much talk about ‘locals’. Again, there are fun places your kids would absolutely love, such as the Discovery Children’s Museum, Knights Games or the Pin Ball Hall Of Fame. And who isn’t looking forward to hosting Raiders games on Sundays. The SeaQuest is one of a kind too! There are many other nice places that make living in Las Vegas a treat for the whole family.

You Won’t Pay State Income Taxes
Money will always be a sticking point wherever you go especially with bills and taxes to take care of. But with Las Vegas, that’s reduced to the barest minimum because you won’t pay state income taxes. The reason for this is the revenue the state board gets from gaming houses and casinos. As a resident or a local, those who visit these gaming houses pay your taxes indirectly. However, you’ll be required to pay some taxes on property and sales which are far lower than other states. Even hotels used by tourists contribute to lowering your taxes. If you’re mired in financial issues, Las Vegas is the place to bet on.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…especially if you own a home here
Las Vegas doesn’t just boast quality real estate, you’ll find one that suits you to a tee. Also, the mortgage crisis is far behind after a tiring recovery. Now, no matter your income level, there’s a home just for you. Don’t wait too long though, because Sin City has seen an influx of people who have made her home; thus, making the competition for real estate a fierce one. This is made all the more evident with the climbing number of buildings that seem to spring up every other day. Further, as far as real estate goes, you can invest in the market. It’s always hot and always in demand like the Las Vegas weather. In a city that never sleeps, the weather encourages construction. There’s simply no slowing down.

Movement Is Easy
Every city has a traffic problem and while Las Vegas is not the exception, movement is relatively easy. But you’ll definitely need your own car when you move here. It’s part of taking in the scenery and all the nice spots. However since you’ll be new, you can have a car service take you around to pleasure spots. Or you could do your thing and just head out with your family on a road trip to explore this beautiful city. The Southwest is all yours to see. You could also take it up a notch by traveling to Los Angeles which is 4 hours outside of Las Vegas. Also, Arizona and Utah are basically a stone throw away. You can make it anywhere by flight from some of the best airports in the world.

Exceptional Food And Cuisine
Who doesn’t like to be able to grocery shop at 4am and not break the bank at the same time. Also, If you’re one with a love for food, some of the finest and yes, diverse restaurants exist in Las Vegas. Think it and it’s readily available to serve your pallets. The restaurants are something to behold and most are rated with the highest accolades. Las Vegas is famous for Thai cuisine and you’ll get a mouthful living here. Also, world acclaimed chefs will make your stay worth the while. You can take that special person out for a date or your family for a lovely dinner. If you have a list of states or cities to move to and have Las Vegas pegged anywhere bellow first place, you’re probably ripping it up right now. That’s what the perks and pleasures of moving to this lovely city do to you.

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