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More Than 100,000 People Moved from California to Henderson in 2018


It’s no secret that states like California and New York are choked out by taxes, business regulations, and an unaffordable cost of living on a daily basis. When it becomes impossible to pay rent and buy one cup of coffee every day, is it worth the headache? Naturally, it spurs buyers to consider living elsewhere and start the house hunting search. They want to live somewhere that enables them to save some money while also enjoying a top quality community, amenities, and gorgeous scenery.

Statistics show residents of California picked and resettled in the greater Las Vegas region in 2018. More than 100,000 people made the trek to escape the high cost of living and taxes in the state of California. According to the Census Bureau data, the state lost over 138,000 people from July 2016 to July 2017, citing gas prices, food, taxes, and other expenses that are making it impossible for middle class families to survive in the state. For those looking to resettle just outside the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas, they set up shop in Henderson – a growingly popular Nevada city just 16 miles southeast of the Las Vegas strip in Clark County.

Enjoying the same arid climate, blue skies every single day, palm trees, pools, hotels, and activities, people feel that Henderson and the greater Las Vegas region provide them with the exact same standard of living. Let’s look at why the city of Henderson is one to watch in the coming years.

Henderson is home to 302,539 residents, covering part of the Las Vegas metropolitan area, which contains the entire Las Vegas Valley. As Las Vegas becomes an increasingly popular place to buy real estate, more people are moving to Henderson, where they can enjoy an increasing number of shopping malls, movie theatre complexes, concert venues, restaurants, and casino resorts, while also being just a quick drive away from the infamous activities that go on near the Las Vegas Strip.

Just a few of the fun city features that make Henderson more than just a suburb are the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve, the Lion Habitat Ranch, the Clark County Heritage Museum, the Las Vegas Distillery, the Cowabunga Water Park, the Sloan Canyon National Conversation Area, and of course, many casinos and award-winning restaurants that draw in travelers from around the world. With these kinds of attractions, Henderson is a vibrant and diverse community that provides cultural immersion in a way that other suburbs around the country can not.

Not to mention, due to the increasing predictability of home buyers, it’s a great place to start and run a business right now – Las Vegas is considered a highly friendly business state, especially when compared to California and New York.

Raiders Facility
The NFL Raiders team has elected to set up shop in Henderson, bringing with them a slew of new businesses, a new public park, and a new facility that is already under construction for the major sports team. Getting ready to start 2020 as the Las Vegas Raiders, the team’s games will bring in business from around the state as people travel to Henderson to watch their favorite team play on a weekly basis. The spillover effect of their spending will pour into every local establishment, helping Henderson to grow and flourish even further in the weeks to come. Many businesses are in the process of finalizing a plan and opening right now in anticipation of the sports fans that will pour into the facility multiple days per week, bringing with them dollars that will invigorate the local economy.

If you own any kind of business related to apparel, food, drink, and so forth, Henderson could be the prefect place to launch your dream venture in 2019. Plus, if you’re a football fan, having access to a stadium that close to home can be an incredibly fun and entertaining way to enjoy Sundays with friends and family.

The Cost of Living
With all attractions, sports facilities, and business policies aside, when it comes to the simple cost of living, it’s hard to ignore the draw of a place like Henderson. The cost of living in the Las Vegas area is 22 to 33% cheaper when compared to California, considering that the monthly median one-bedroom cost in Las Vegas is $925, while the same cost is $3,400 in major California cities.

Naturally, one might think that’s because the Henderson facilities are “less nice or not as big.” That couldn’t be more untrue. These Henderson homes are typically bigger in size and are being built with high-tech resources and amenities that were previously reserved for unaffordable luxury homes. Developers are aware that Henderson is the next real estate hot spot, which is why they are hard at work developing new facilities and building complexes as we speak.

Henderson Real Estate
Therefore, if you’re house hunting today and looking for a city to call home, consider the panoramic desert views, infinity pool, and hot tub amenities that accompany many communities and homes in the city of Henderson. With homes built to reflect the latest innovations in design, efficiency, technology, and luxe amenities, you don’t have to sacrifice on quality.

Here at List with Crys, we provide you with a local perspective on house hunting and real estate transactions in the greater Las Vegas region. Crystal Miller, the head of our real estate team, grew up in Las Vegas, graduating from Bishop Gorman and UNLV, which further engrained her love for the state of Nevada. Today, she leverages those passions to help you find the perfect home in burgeoning communities, like Henderson, Nevada.

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