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How to Host A Budget Brunch At Home


Do you ever get stressed when a holiday is around the corner because you know it means that everyone in your family must agree on a restaurant? Furthermore, everyone must agree on one place and hopefully show up before the restaurant actually closes. Mother’s Day is one of those holidays for me that’s up there with Christmas or Halloween in the attention to detail given. I’m fortunate to have quite a few special mamas in my life, and so its kind of a big deal. Therefore, I put a lot of pressure on myself to make it memorable for them; and especially my mom. This year I decided I wanted to do something different, and maybe selfishly I wanted to not have to leave my house. Any excuse for me to stay home while having a few adult beverages is a win-win. However, I couldn’t just throw anything together because is it really even a party if you didn’t get any photos?

Mini Yogurt Appetizers
Mini Yogurt Appetizers

The Menu

I have to say that this was the most nerve wrecking part for me because “gourmet chef” is definitely not on my resume. I also didn’t want to be working tirelessly in the kitchen and not be able to “host” my guest. I knew that the alcohol and decor pieces would make up most of my spending, so I went with a few savory items on the menu instead of a bunch of items. I suggest to pick a appetizer that guest can grab as soon as they walk in the door, and it also buys you time to have some conversation before preparing for the main course. I went with yogurt parfaits as a appetizer that I made myself with a few ingredients from Trader Joes and set them out in plastic champagne flutes. For the main course, I was inspired by my Southern roots and made chicken and waffles. However, to prevent having to fry the chicken I went to Raising Canes and ordered a family pack of chicken fingers. I actually had a guest say if I never told them I didn’t make it they wouldn’t have known because of the presentation. So, grab a waffle maker, some butter, syrup and heat the chicken in the oven and watch your guest devour every bite!


I don’t know if any party is complete without flowers. Still, I actually have a fancy for fake flowers. I  don’t like having to fuss over wilted flowers and I wasn’t born with a green thumb for taking care of them either. For my brunch, I went to Michaels and bought a few fake floral stems, purchased some cutters and reused a few vases I already had. I already had some fake green vines that I reused for the centerpiece, but I added some candles from the Dollar Store that actually had “Mom” printed on them. Flowers are a good way to add a pop of color to a neutral palette.


Ok, this is where I get really excited, like a kid in a candy store excited! I believe that no mater if its choosing decor for you home in general or for a party; you should have fun decorating and it should represent your style. People should feel like they walked into a home that shows your personality. My personality is eclectic to say the least. I love mixing simple decor pieces with fun and unique statement pieces. There are several ways to have fun with your decor, such as: cocktail napkins that have cute phrases, or a letter board with a eye catching saying that is photo worthy. Letter boards are a added bonus because you can change them based on the particular event and used them as a prop for a photo booth.

The Bar

Last but most certainly not least is the bar setup. When brainstorming for the brunch the first thing that came to mind was a mimosa bar, because I’m sure that’s the main requirement for any brunch right? However, even if you don’t have adult beverages the bar set up should stand out. If you have any specialty drinks being served showcase them by printing the recipe or instructions on how to make it and framing it in a picture frame. I ordered my custom “Mom-Osa” sign from Etsy, printed it out and bought the frame for $5.00. Also, garnishes and juices are a great way to add more pops of color if your countertops or cabinets are neutral. In Las Vegas where our spring temperatures can resemble summer sometimes, a nice cool bevarage will definitely be hit amongst your guest.

Custom Sign from Etsy
Custom Sign from Etsy


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    Cute ideas! Love the mimosa bar and the parfaits

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